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NIE Newspapers in Education/ Education Outreach Program

Swimming, archery, boxing at your own Pencilympics

Jul 16, 2024

Sporting goods retailers and family foundations are ideal sponsors for this Kid Scoop page that gives children fun practice in reading, spelling and math. Take a look!

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You won't want to miss these sessions at the fall Annual Convention & Trade Show in Omaha, Nebraska

Jul 1, 2024

We will kick off the Foundation's training with the breakout panel session, State of the First Amendment in America, moderated by NNA Public Policy Manager Lisa McGraw and featuring panel members Eric ...

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Parents will love summer reading Bingo

Jun 18, 2024

Take a look at these magical reading activities, ideal for summer sponsors!

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Is Kid retiring or on vacation?

Jun 1, 2024

Creators of the Newspaper in Education (NIE) feature For the Kid in You are retiring, but the Kids’ future depends on someone like you.

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Help children in your community understand and remember Memorial Day

May 15, 2024

Wars to defend democracy are difficult for children to understand. Whether growing up in military families or not, when adults whom children know and love leave home in uniform, children have questions ...

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How to make a cloud in a jar

Apr 16, 2024

Many industries require employees with strong science and math knowledge. Kid Scoop brings science and math learning to your readers in a fun format.

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Celebrate Black History Month with young poet Amanda Gorman

Feb 1, 2024

She’s only in her twenties, yet she has captured hearts and minds throughout America with her powerful poetry. Her poetic work became so acclaimed that she spoke her poem, The Hill We Climb, at the ...

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Give Kindness for Valentine’s Day

Jan 16, 2024

Kid Scoop recommends giving and spreading kindness, as well. 

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Fun ways to keep your readers healthy

Dec 18, 2023

Publish these games, healthy habits and exercises to help families in your wintry circulation area.

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