Why NNA?

  • America’s community newspapers need a leader and advocate--a trusted, respected voice with a passion for the news and for democracy
  • NNA promotes a connected, responsible and accountable press, as well as journalism that is fair, accurate, objective, timely and complete; because NNA is a proponent of innovation, a force for change turning today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities
  • Member rewards include financial insight, networking support, travel and friendship among peers and supporters.

Who can join NNA?

Newspapers (non-daily and daily), college, online, nonprofit, church and neighborhood newspapers with 25 percent local news content are eligible for NNA membership. Both free and paid circulation publications are eligible for NNA membership, and dues are calculated using a combination of free and paid circulation.

Suppliers to the newspaper industry, students, journalism professors and retired publishers/owners are also eligible for membership. For further information on these membership opportunities, check the membership section of this website, call the NNA at 850-542-7087, or email lynne@nna.org.

A member-eligible newspaper: 

  • Is published and distributed to the general public at least monthly
  • Can be free or paid circulation newspaper
  • Must contain a minimum of 25% local news content as averaged on an annual basis, and must include staff-produced local news content
  • Must not serve primarily as a platform to promote the interest and/or opinions of a special interest group, individual or cause

A member-eligible online news publication is:

  • Available to the general public via the World Wide Web and/or e-mail
  • Updated regularly and consistently, not less than weekly
  • Both free and paid news websites or electronic news publications are eligible for membership
  • Must contain a minimum of 25% local news content, including staff-produced local news content
  • Must not serve primarily as a platform to promote the interest and/or opinions of a special interest group, individual or cause.

Any questions arising from a challenge to membership eligibility shall be referred to the Membership Committee for resolution.

Non-voting members shall be individual members, student members, international members and allied members.

Individual members include retired newspaper owners, publishers or editors and journalism professors who are not active advisors of a college newspaper. Other individuals interested in the newspaper profession can join as individual members provided they are not a full-time employee of a newspaper or the representative of an allied business eligible for membership in the Association. Any individual enrolled as a full-time student can join as a student member. Any newspaper or periodical that does not have production operations in the United States can join as an international member. Any company, organization or association that provides products or services to community newspapers or which supports community newspapers can join as an allied partner or member.




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