Metro Creative Graphics Inc. releases two free special sections in support of local newspapers’ covid-19 coverage

Mar 27, 2020

NEW YORK, New York — As part of continuing efforts to provide local newspapers with essential COVID-19 content, Metro Creative Graphics Inc. has made two of its ready-to-run special sections accessible to all National Newspaper Association (NNA) members at no charge.

“COVID-19: A Local Survival Guide” is a fully templated special section that includes 15 articles related to the pandemic, as well as space for local announcements and advertising. “Fun & Games” includes Sudoku, crosswords, scrambles, word searches, kids’ games and more puzzle features to keep readers of all ages engaged and entertained as they observe shelter-in-place guidelines.

Both of these fully customizable special sections are available now to all NNA members in support of their community efforts and businesses. Publications can email or call 800.223.1600 to receive an email confirmation and immediate access to these special sections.

A companion website and online directory for Metro’s COVID-19 special section is also available to subscribers with a digital setup fee. All Metro clients can access a growing collection of emergency content to help support their communities during this uncertain time, including ads for essential businesses, announcements, images, headings, directory layouts and more. Metro continues to create and provide ongoing COVID-19 materials in their online creative and editorial libraries, incorporating requests and suggestions from clients as they work together to navigate the crisis.

“In support of the industry at this critical moment, we welcome the opportunity to offer these special sections to all NNA members, whether or not they are Metro subscribers. Now is the time to stand with local newspapers,” Metro President and CEO Robert Zimmerman said.

“NNA has always been a dedicated partner to newspapers and Metro, and we want to do everything we can to support the organization and its members as events and content needs evolve through this challenging time,” Metro Executive Vice President Debra Shapiro Weiss said.

To view the COVID-19 support content Metro has and will develop for newspaper partners, visit and bookmark this page for future updates:

Newspapers interested in subscription and special section access can contact the Metro Client Services Team at or call 800.223.1600.