KidScoop offers 'The Lemonade Stand — Business Skills for Young Readers'

Aug 16, 2023

The newspaper business has many elements like a child’s lemonade stand. Both involve product, price, and promotion.

Here’s a Kid Scoop page to engage children in real-life math and business skills.

Show the page to children in your orbit. Watch how they quickly get involved in the business of selling refreshments. Show this Kid Scoop page to retailers of children’s toys and clothing. They are ideal sponsors to connect kids to what labor and business mean.

The Kid Scoop team offers your newspaper help in finding year-long sponsors for this quality youth content. Our no-cost consultation and accompanying free marketing materials help you sustain this important revenue stream. Local newspapers are the lifeblood of communities. Gaining young readers undergirds community growth as students volunteer in service to your town and become adult leaders in business and governance.

Consider Kid Scoop your partner in community development and revenue growth. Call for assistance in connecting your newspaper to the youth in your town.
To learn more about Kid Scoop, contact Dan “Patio” Dalton at (909) 793-9890 or