Materials for National Newspaper Week, Oct 2-8

Sep 13, 2022

National Newspaper Week is quickly approaching. This year we will celebrate on October 2-8 for the 82nd year in recognition of the service of newspapers and their employees throughout the United States and Canada. This is but one of the many great programs sponsored by the Newspaper Association Managers (NAM).

NAM folks have begun updating the NNW website with the usual materials ⁠— logos, ads and a few new things. Editorials and house ads will be added throughout the week ⁠— check back in on Thursday or Friday.


  • Thanks to TAS and the Relevance Project we have created a presentation that you or your members can take on the road to present to civic groups or those that may be interested as to WHY newspapers remain relevant. The slides are jumping off points, if you need more detailed talking points TAS or I can assist in that effort.
  • METRO Images - let me stop here for a moment...all of our creative, logos, ads, presentations, etc... were created this year by METRO. They deserve a huge round of applause. They have been great partners to NAM on several projects and they stepped up big time this year for NNW. Thank you Darrell and Laura at METRO. METRO has opened up a catalog of 100 newspaper images that we all can use as we see fit to promote NNW. You might find images to use in other presentations as well.
  • Social Media posts - there is creative for you to copy and paste into your social media channels; just add in #newspaperpower. 
  • CodaVentures will create house ads showcasing the POWER of local newspapers and the Free Speech Center will have new ads for us as well.
  • Editorials by Al Cross, Brett Wesner and Ken Paulson

Head over to and scroll through to have a look. The creative is all linked to dropbox folders. 

For editorials, NAM folks are asking each newspaper to write on the overall theme: Newspapers are Relevant. Supporting themes: Newspapers are local, are trusted, support you and now...need your support. Elaborate on how newspapers are relevant in 2022 and beyond. Explain why it's important to celebrate the role of local newspapers...what newspapers (and their communities) should do during National Newspaper how newspapers are THE Community Forum.