iPublish Media Solutions partners with The Gleaner Company to power Classifieds & marketplace throughout the Caribbean

Aug 15, 2022

iPublish Media Solutions and The Gleaner Company announced a partnership on July 19, 2022, to provide newspapers throughout the Caribbean with a self-service classified solution and digital marketplace.

The white-label platform streamlines the order-taking, design, fulfillment, display and payment for print and digital classified advertisements. Customers and media company sales representatives both may utilize AdPortal’s self-service workflow.

“When The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited, as part of its digital first strategy, needed a cutting-edge solution for its self-serve classified advertising customers, iPublish delivered," Sandra Clue, manager of advertising and commercial services for The Gleaner Company (Media) Ltd, said. "Their support team worked closely with our team to learn about our company, understand our pain points and then presented us with several options to address our needs. Shortly after launching the new platform, we recorded an increase in transaction activity and are now confidently channeling our customers to take advantage of the convenience the platform offers. We are happy to recommend iPublish to other companies looking to enhance their customer facing media solutions in this ever-changing market.”

“iPublish Media Solutions is honored to partner with The Gleaner Company and their great history and community impact dating back to 1834. Gleaner includes 15 print publications and several online publications, with the greatest market share in Jamaica," said Kim Safran, Vice President of Sales for iPublish Media Solutions. "iPublish is growing rapidly in Europe and we’re delighted to enter the Caribbean market with other INMA member papers.”


The Gleaner Company has evolved into the parent company of a group of media companies in Jamaica, North America and England, which include the following companies: Independent Radio Company Limited – operator of the radio stations Power 106 FM and Music 99FM; GV Media Group Limited – publisher of the Voice Newspaper and the Weekly Gleaner (UK) and The Gleaner Company (Can) Inc. /The Gleaner Company (USA) Limited – publisher of the Weekly Gleaner and the Weekly Star.

The Company, today, now also boasts 15 print publications and offers several online products and still commands a greater market share than any other newspaper company in Jamaica. Under the stewardship of The Hon. Oliver Clarke, O.J., LL.D as chairman (1976 – present) and managing director (1976 – January 2011) and after him, Mr. Christopher Barnes, Managing Director (February 2011 – present), the Company has seen many changes in technology, including the introduction of a more modern press (a Goss Urbanite) with greater capacity in printing volume and colors. Under their combined stewardships there has also been a significant expansion of the company’s products and offerings, including radio and a formidable line up of digital products such as the Gleaner e-paper, video and photo galleries, mobile news applications, and various other sites catering to the diverse interests of the company’s increasingly diverse readership. The Gleaner Company, evolving over time, but still going strong, almost two centuries later.


iPublish Media Solutions is the industry leader in self-serve advertising, working with hundreds of publishers every day to process thousands of multichannel advertising campaigns. Our self-serve media advertising platform is easy to use and provides the performance and versatility to create and sell any print, digital or social advertising campaign, for any product or platform, 24/7/365. With over 15 years of delivering outstanding return on investment for our partners, iPublish was acquired by Legacy.com in 2019, but operates independently.