Green Shoot Media has created a variety of special sections to help drive revenue

Mar 27, 2020

Green Shoot Media has created a variety of special sections that could help drive revenue for newspapers during the coronavirus shutdown.

"Coronavirus: Just the Facts" takes a straightforward, traditional-journalism approach to reporting on the health crisis using trusted medical sources. This section is available at no charge by filling out this form.

The Coronavirus Local Business Page, available for $49, explains ways communities can support their small businesses, including buying gift cards and taking advantage of delivery and takeout services where available.

Coming soon, two new sections will be geared toward driving revenue specifically around the pandemic changes. "COVID-19 Homeschooling Resources" will cover activities and learning ideas for families stuck at home during the pandemic. And an entire section on how to support local businesses — including encouraging people to spend big whenever they reopen — will be released soon.

In addition, Green Shoot has a long list of special sections that might generate advertising support from niche businesses that are still operating. Coloring book pages for adults and children, home and garden content and puzzle pages could all find extra interest while people are spending time at home.

You can see pricing, download free sample PDFs and order online for instant access to download this content at