Final quarter financial valuations matter in media industry

Nov 14, 2023

As 2023 comes to a conclusion, you should want to know the current market valuation of your print digital entity.

Kamen & Co. Group Services LLC

As 2023 comes to a conclusion, you should want to know the current market valuation of your print digital entity. No need to guess and wonder.

We at Kamen & Co Group Services LLC in New York, can help you confidentially and all you need to do is reach out and be prepared to share all your financial, printing, distribution, staffing, and postage records with our professional team. Being in the know is vital to strategically plan for 2024.

With a war more than a year old in Ukraine and a new war in Israel, much is at stake and monies could become scarce as oil and energy becomes more difficult to acquire and the cold temperatures become a reality across the USA and abroad. When monies dry up so could your daily business and cash flow.

Be prudent and make intelligent decisions. Acquiring a multi-media valuation can help you better understand what needs to be done to either restructure your company or potentially sell it. With major labor strikes in the auto and health industries and even in Hollywood with the actors, much is unknown as we end this year.

Be sensible, the cost of borrowing money from a financial lender keeps soaring and interest rates will continue to climb. If you decide to sell, realize that lenders will be tightening the flow of cash and this could impact a possible sale to a qualified buyer. Current interest rates are 8.00% for a 30-year Fixed Mortgage due to the Federal Reserve’s hawkish monetary policy. Bonds are increasingly capitulating for longer periods of time.

Things are staying steady on the interest front, and this absolutely sheds light on one fact: Everything is going to continue to rise in cost when it comes to operating a media organization. Rates could reach 10% if things continue as is so we all must be frugal and realistic when it comes to staffing and operations.

To date, at least 475,000 workers have already participated in 316 strikes in the USA this year alone and work stoppages have spread across several industries. Transportation, entertainment, hospitality, and healthcare are just a few, and more will come in the coming months. Workers have lost jobs because of the pandemic, many media entities have closed or been sold and folks are out on their own. Not paying attention to the financial climate within your region will hurt you.

Not having a feel for the current valuation of your publishing entity will also not be beneficial as you and your management team seek to cut corners and independently make for a more efficient publishing enterprise.

What is required for an appraisal? Accurate data and relevant information that only ownership can provide. Contact our New York offices for guidance and any information necessary to help you make a decision to discover your valuation. Visit our website at or call us at 516 242 2857.

Kevin Kamen is currently the Forbes expert multi-media financial resource for the famous Forbes 400 richest Americans listing 10 straight years.