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Janet DeGeorge

Janet DeGeorge is president of Classified Executive for the past 20 years and has over 400 newspaper customers. She excels in redesigns, print/online synergy programs, new easy rates, and of course training sales reps and classified managers. Contact her at her personal email

WHY? WHY? Why are some newspaper’s Classifieds flowing with ads while others can barely keep going?

There are many stories about why newspapers lost their bulk of lucrative, high-profit Classified ads going way back to the start of Craigslist over 20 years ago. If that is the case, then why do so many ...

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Classified post COVID: 5 things to do this summer to build back your classifieds

1. EMPLOYMENT ADVERTISING START OUTBOUND CALLING NOW — your unemployment rate is back to normal and EVERYONE IS HIRING. If you don’t have a JOBS banner, get one in your paper now. 

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2021: SAVE YOUR CLASSIFIEDS with these simple ABCs

Selling a product by saying EVERY reader will see it before they even see the front page is a HUGE advantage. 

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Modernize your Classified section by adding more to read

Adding quality editorial to your classified categories is the next step in growing your Classified revenue.

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