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Sales Advice by Bob Berting

Bob Berting is the author of three best-selling e-books for the newspaper industry — “Dynamic Sales and Image Power;” “Advanced Selling Skills For The Advertising Sales Pro;” and his latest e-book, “Power Selling Tools For The Advertising Sales Consultant.” Any one book is $19.95 … any two books bundled are $35.00 … three books are bundled at $49.95. You can order on the website, Read Bob’s books and discover how his vast experience and know-how can help you achieve much more business for you and your publication. You’ll greatly benefit from the wisdom of one of America’s top advertising sales experts. Bob is a professional speaker, advertising sales trainer, publisher marketing consultant and leading columnist in many national and regional newspaper trade association publications. He is the President of Berting Communications and can be reached at or 317-849-5408.

How branding can help advertising

A newspaper’s advertising customers must see a multidimensional business that owns the news market, owns the information market and owns the advertising market. 

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Ways to keep the new customer sold during the coronavirus crisis

You can achieve a huge public relations bump by sponsoring a Zoom webinar for your inactives, regulars and prospects. 

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Hire possibility thinkers

We don’t have employees. We don’t have staff. We have team players in search of creative possibilities. 

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Advertising is war, so develop sales power in your market battlefield

These guidelines will help your salespeople be accepted as advertising consultants, help publishers give direction to their sales management, and serve as a yardstick for recruiting quality people.

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Add spaced repetition to your sales learning process

Over the years, various learning institutions have made statements about the importance of practice plus repetition upon repetition. 

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Service and retention after the sale are important

After the sale, many times, there is a letdown in the manner in which a new customer is serviced. As a matter of fact, a lot of business is lost because the intensity of caring drops off, and the customer ...

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Create instant recognition for your advertising

Today there are sequels to movies, and many times a second or third sequel is nowhere near the creative attraction of the original movie. We see automobile styles that are almost look-alikes. We see shopping ...

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Sales Advice: Search and selection — recruiting and interviewing quality advertising salespeople

Developing a great sales force is one of the greatest challenges facing newspaper publishers today. The key to finding the right people is to hire people who have the knowledge and skills to do the work ...

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Sales Advice: Publisher attitudes can hurt their sales effort

Publishers face many challenges today that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. But before blaming all your revenue woes on Facebook and Google, you need to ask yourself if you’re managing your ...

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Sales Advice: Running high hurdles to visualized success

Several years ago, at the World Track and Field Championships in Stockholm, Sweden, the high hurdles champion was clocked at 12.6 seconds, which is a great achievement and of such magnitude it could be ...

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Sales Advice: What is the core value of your publication?

Your salespeople are telling your prospects and customers that your newspaper is the best newspaper in town — or if you’re the only newspaper, your newspaper is the best media choice in town.  They ...

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