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Tips on promoting one’s newspaper

October 17, 2014

I am a DNV—a Downsized Newspaper Veteran. I am addicted to newspapers. I can’t keep from picking up every one I see and asking myself—“Can this product be made better?”

Publisher does double duty during massive WA fire

October 17, 2014

The wildfire that ravaged our rural county in July made national headlines.

Study: News organizations face second wave of disruption

August 8, 2014

Many traditional news companies are struggling with a second wave of digital innovation that threatens to sweep away the relationships they have enjoyed with readers and viewers for a century or more.

Family-owned newspapers rule!

August 8, 2014

At the same time that some metro papers are scraping the walls to hang on, family-owned community newspapers often own their market. No other local media so completely or so regularly reaches so many local buyers.

‘If someone’s soles are worn thin, he must be doing a good job’

July 8, 2014

If you told Eric NeSmith that his shoes are starting to show some wear and tear, he’d take that as high praise.

Essex veteran attends D-Day ceremony in Paris

July 8, 2014

D-Day veteran Morley Piper, 89, downplays his role in one of history’s pivotal moments. On June 6, 1944, he was among the first soldiers ashore on bloody Omaha Beach. “At least for a time,” he once wrote modestly, “I had been in the company of very brave men.” By the end of the day, he was among only 17 in a platoon of 48 still alive and able to fight.

Reaction to sports headline was shocking and vile

July 8, 2014

“You are disgusting.”

“It is insulting and demeaning.”

“Indescribably vile.”

“Whoever wrote that should GO TO HELL.”

Family Reading Night: The Joy of Reading

June 9, 2014

Each year on the first Friday in March, hundreds of people squeeze into the middle school in Washington, MO, to celebrate the simple pleasure of hearing a book read.

‘Our newspaper is the eyes and ears of our community’

June 6, 2014

We’ve all heard the cliché “the greatest thing since sliced bread,” at some point in our lives. But how many of us know what that phrase means or where it came from?

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