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NNA selects Illinois Press Association as managers

October 2, 2015

National Newspaper Association President John Edgecombe Jr., publisher of The Nebraska Signal in Geneva, NE, today announced that the Illinois Press Association, based in Springfield, IL, would become NNA’s new management firm beginning January 2016.

New marked copy rules prevent submitting multiple copies if only preprints in editions are different

September 29, 2015

A change to Domestic Mail Manual 207.16 effective Sept. 14, 2015, limits the number of marked copies, which must be submitted when there are “multiple editions of a Periodicals publication.” The wording now states that you must submit only “the main or most prominent edition of the issue and must have all other editions available for review upon request.”


Open government triumphs in Utah

September 29, 2015

Overturning a decision by the district court, the Supreme Court of Utah recently ruled that a court may release attorney work product under Utah open records laws if “the interests favoring disclosure outweigh those favoring protection.”


NNA honors Iowa publisher with Amos Award

October 3, 2015

William “Bill” F. Tubbs of Eldridge, IA, was honored during the National Newspaper Association’s 129th 2015 Annual Convention & Trade Show, where he was presented with the James O. Amos Award at the association’s business meeting on Oct. 3, 2015.

NNA honors distinguished community leader with 2015 McKinney Award

October 3, 2015

Barbara “Barb” A. Walter of Hennessey, OK, was honored during the National Newspaper Association’s 2015 Annual Convention & Trade Show, when she was presented with the Emma C. McKinney Award at the association’s business meeting on Oct. 3, 2015.

NNA honors young community leader with the 2015 Daniel M. Phillips Leadership Award

October 3, 2015

Jeremy Waltner of Freeman, SD, was honored during the National Newspaper Association’s 129th Annual Convention & Trade Show when he was presented with the Daniel M. Phillips Leadership Award on Oct. 3, 2015. Waltner is news editor at the Freeman Courier in Freeman, SD.

NNA welcomes strong start on postal reform from Sen. Carper

September 17, 2015

WASHINGTON—The National Newspaper Association this week took a big step forward in its decade-long efforts to preserve universal mail service as Sen. Tom Carper, D-DE, introduced the Improving Postal Operations, Service & Transparency Act, iPOST. NNA said it believed the bill would set a positive tone in the 114th Congress to provide the U.S. Postal Service with cash flow flexibility while focusing much needed attention on rural mail service.

National Newspaper Association Urges U.S. Department of Labor to Slow Down on Overtime Rule Hikes

September 11, 2015

The National Newspaper Association today called on the US Department of Labor (DOL) to scale back its aggressive push to raise salary thresholds for exempt workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act. DOL has said it wants to more than double in a single year the salary basis by which professional, creative and administrative white collar workers are qualified as exempt.

Q & A: 2016 price increases, service deterioration

September 8, 2015


—How much will postage rates increase in 2016?

Blunt to speak at NNA convention

September 8, 2015

Sen. Roy Blunt, R-MO, has carried the ball for the National Newspaper Association on efforts to establish a new system for measuring service times for rural mail. Although he does not sit on the U.S. Postal Service Oversight Committee in the Senate, Blunt has asserted his expertise on postal again and again on behalf of NNA’s members. He will discuss his outlook on USPS and other top-of-mind issues at an NNA plenary session Oct. 3.


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