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Rural service declines as USPS builds urban strategy

January 14, 2015

As postal processing plants close and are merged from smaller regional Sectional Center Facilities into much larger urban plants, newspapers and other small businesses trying to use the mail often find themselves caught up in problems associated with the changing mail infrastructure. 

USPS to continue Saturday mail service into 2015

January 14, 2015

Six-day mail service will continue through at least Sept. 30, 2015, unless Congress passes a bill this year overriding its 2014 actions, but that is unlikely.

Circulation scam: Fake subscriptions hurting newspapers

January 14, 2015

Fraudulent bills, invoices and renewal notices are being issued by a third party to skim money from unsuspecting subscribers in parts of the nation. The scammers imply they are associated with the publication and purport to offer a discounted price, when in fact, most of the time the subscription prices are grossly inflated. Notices have also been sent for publications that simply do not exist.

University helps with sale of weekly paper in KS

January 14, 2015

Rural Kansas publishers ready to retire, but with no prospective buyers on the horizons, could have a better way to transition into retirement with the help of a program started by the University of Kansas School of Business.

New serial story perfect for NIE

January 5, 2015

There are baseball heroes—and then there are legends.

Rural mail will suffer with more mail plant closures

January 6, 2015

A friend of mine from South Dakota noted that the U.S. Postal Service delivered a lump of coal to many small towns last Christmas when it proceeded to eliminate overnight mail in most of the nation in 2015. That was a good description. USPS will slow delivery officially by one day for First-Class and Periodicals mail. Many members of Congress have asked it to hold off. But USPS is plowing ahead.

Protecting the security of the mail

December 2, 2014

Recent media reports inaccurately assert the U.S. Postal Service is spying on the American public. Nothing is further from the truth. Reporters have distorted facts surrounding three distinct programs:  mail covers, mail imaging, and Mail Isolation, Control, and Tracking.

Improving bundle integrity helps delivery, lowers costs

December 2, 2014

The U.S. Postal Service reports too many broken bundles going across its bundle-sorting machines in processing plants. Although newspapers are just a small portion of such bundles, poor string tying by some larger-volume mailers threatens to eliminate string in favor of plastic strapping machines.

First woman postmaster general named

December 2, 2014

Megan J. Brennan, the current chief operating officer of the U.S. Postal Service, has been named as the 74th postmaster general and chief executive officer for USPS.

The National Newspaper Association Foundation wants you

December 2, 2014

It is that charitable-giving time of the year, and the National Newspaper Association Foundation is asking members to please consider making a fully tax-deductible gift to the non-profit arm of the National Newspaper Association that does so much to help your business.

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